Valli`s Bar


49 min |


All towns in the world have legendary bars and drinking places. Tiny Valli Bar in Tallinn links different times and people and film is a portrait of Estonian drinking scene. Shooting months turned out jolly, but also dramatic, one of the participants was kicked out of home, two died soon after the filming. Drinking was definitely part in all that. We are not against or for drinking, we just want to see and understand it - if this is possible all together

Directing and Camera: Manfred Vainokivi
Producer: Marju Lepp
Script writer: Manfred Vainokivi, Peeter Sauter
Sound: Ivo Felt
Editor: Kersti Miilen

Produced by: Filmivabrik / 2008


Prize, DOCUPOILIS - International Documentary Film Festival of Barcelona 2009, Debut film competition * Jury's Special Prize
PÖFF - Black Nights Film Festival (Estonia), 2009, Baltic Documentaries
Estonian Film Days in Budapest (Hungary), 2010
Helsinki International Film Festival "Love and Anarchy" (Finland), 2010