Family Lies



The film is set in a town that has a professional symphony orchestra, managed by authoritarian and confident Paul Levald, who has conducted both the orchestra and his family affairs for years. Due to dramatic events, Paul’s son-in-law Egon Rei must unexpectedly assume his duties. In addition to the baton, power and responsibility as well as the tensions in the orchestra, Egon inherits his father-in-law’s secrets and obligations from his complicated past. New lies are born out of old ones and, at some point, Egon realises that the revelation of truth might cause a real chaos. “Family Lies” by Valentin Kuik and Manfred Vainokivi is a relationship drama about elephants in the bedroom and skeletons in the closet, about small and big deceptions, half-truths and set-ups that can be found in every family’s secret chronicles.

Script writer: Valentin Kuik
Directors: Valentin Kuik, Manfred Vainokivi
Director of Photography: Manfred Vainokivi
Makeup Artist: Kristel Kärner
Costume Designer: Anu Lensment
Sound: Mart Kessel-Otsa
Editor: Kersti Miilen
Producer: Marju Lepp

Produced by: Filmivabrik / 2016